Drug Offenses

35 P.S. § 780-113 defines what conduct is unlawful when it comes to controlled substances. Offenses can range from possession of paraphernalia and simple possession up to the more serious offenses of possession with intent to deliver and delivery.

With the opioid epidemic there has never been more focus on prosecution of drug offenses.  Drug offenses can carry significant jail time and persecutors are seeking harsher prison sentences than ever before.

Drug offenses can also carry the most hefty fines of any criminal offenses, with the Court empowered to fine up to $250.000.00 or such larger amount as is sufficient to exhaust the assets utilized in and the profits obtained from the illegal activity.

Drug offenses also have a significant effect on your employability, with many employers refusing to hire employees who have been convicted of drug crimes.

Finally, if you are convicted of a drug offense that is punishable by more than two years, you will no longer be permitted to possess a firearm in the State of Pennsylvania.

It is imperative that you hire experienced counsel as soon as possible, if you are facing drug charges.

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